Gay Fiction Stories

Gay Story Site Introduction

Gay Fiction Story sites on the internet are plentiful. There are so many that it is sometimes difficult to find them all. Gay Fiction Stories hopes to make the searching process easier by providing a stable resource to list all the different sties availible to readers and writers of gay stories.

Open Story Hosting Sites

The sites listed below offer open story hosting. They have either an automated process or gate keeper. See site guidelines for each site for story posting rules.

Author Hosting Sites

The sites listed below offer hosting to specific authors. The guidelines and requirements for hositng vary from site to site.

  • AC's Corner Cafe -
  • Bent and Twisted -
  • Awesome Dude home to a large number of authors.
  • The Cove - Home to a large number of authors
  • CRV Boy - home to stories by CRVBOY, Bright Lite, Jeff Allen, Brew Maxwell, Richie Ryan, JET, Sara Bell, Draginacht, DW Simon, James Hogue, Black Heart, PNSKID, The Journeyman, Tim Mead, Jacob Adams, Kit, Christopher Patrick Lydon, Writer's Dream, Drew Hunt, Greg, Little Buddha TW, Jack Scribe, Jon, Mike Arram, Dark Shadow, JoJo, Luis Salazar, Mickey S, Adam Phillips, Kanseiji, Greg Bowden, JW Smith, Gabriel Morgan and Ron Robbins.
  • Gay Authors - Home to the official sites of the following authors: Bill W, C James, Christopher Lydon, Comicality, Dan Kirk, Dezlboi, Dio Beckstead, DomLuka, Don H, Empathy, Formosa, GhostRyder15, Jack Scribe, LittleBuddhaTW, Luc, Mark Arbour, Myr, NickolasJames, Razor, Rec, ShadowGod, Stefan Schmidt, TheZot, Tiffani Chin, Underthehoodster, Viv, and VLista
  • The Padded Room - home to a large number of authors
  • The Tickie Story Pages - Home to large number of authors